Is That All There Is?


What Are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life?

Bruce Turkel

Speaker + Author

The “Is That All There Is?” Book

What’s the book about? It’s about each and every one of us. You and me. And everyone else who’s wondered what to do next with the rest of our lives…

I interviewed lots of people who had faced their own Is That All There Is? moments and had gone on to live important, productive, fulfilling lives. I listened to their stories and shared their journeys and their recommendations. Sometimes they agreed with each other. Sometimes they disagreed mightily. But each one of them offered thoughtful, meaningful, and productive recommendations that each of can use to chart our own paths. Sometimes they even share some shortcuts that can save you a lot of trouble and heartache.

Soon I’ll be sharing some of these stories by interviewing the people who shared them with me.  I’m excited about producing a podcast with such inspiring people, so stay tuned.

And, let me know what you think!

  • Foreword by Chris Crowley, “NYT Best-selling author of Younger Next Year.”
  • Available in both Hardcover and Paperback.
  • Soon to be a Podcast.

Founder, SOB (Spunky Old Broad) Radio Network

Gayle Carson is the person we all hope to be when we reach her age. She’s vital, active, involved and constantly meeting new people and doing new things. What’s more, Gayle is always pursuing new projects and getting the people around her excited by them.

YouTuber, Musician, Music Producer

It is easy to spend the better part of a day going down the Rick Beato YouTube rabbit hole. His knowledge of music and what make certain songs GREAT is mesmerizing, especially to a musician like me.

Susan Ford Collins

author, The Joy of Success

Alex Fraser

president, Smart Merchant Processing

Nelson Hincapie

CEO, Voices for Children

I was at one of my Strategic Forum meetings that I heard Nelson Hincapie talk about his journey and explain how his life experience had led him to where he is today. I believe his story will touch you as it touched me.

Alex Fraser

Speaker and Consultant

One day I suggested that Rashimi attend the out-of-town National Speakers Association convention. She told me that she was on probation and wasn’t allowed to travel. Huh? When I fully heard her story I realized that Rashimi had a lot more to teach me (and you) than I had to teach her.

"If you're struggling with "what's next" for your life, this book is for you!"

5.0 out of 5 stars for “Is That All There Is?”

“Bruce gives the reader the best of both worlds–his own thoughts, stories, and words of wisdom–and then he brings in his cast of 14 experts from all walks of life, who have also experienced their own “is that all there is” moments, who share their thoughts in their own words. The pages practically turn themselves, as Bruce and his experts share story after story.”

– David Glickman

"Is That All There Is? Hell no, but be prepared to be inspired for what's next in your life."

5.0 out of 5 stars Is That All There Is? 

I honestly had no idea what to expect as I began reading. I ordered the book because I was intrigued by the title, and I’m a fan of some of the author’s other books. I was instantly engrossed reading Chris Crowley’s forward for ITATI (whose book “Younger Next Year” is one of my favorites.). Crowley revealed what the book was about—change, but not the typical way. ITATI looks at change—the good, bad, and ugly— through the experiences of some fascinating and accomplished people. It’s about planning life’s experiences you desire while looking at the long-term consequences and possibilities of change you can’t control. The writing is engaging and the stories compelling. I can’t remember the last time I read a 400-page book in two days, but I didn’t want to put it down. The book cleverly answers the question, “Is That All There Is” with a resounding “no,” but more importantly, it helps you to think openly and creatively about what’s next.

– Mace Horoff

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