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Rick Beato

I was watching a YouTube video of Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Tom Petty, Neil Young, and more playing The Byrds’ version of Bob Dylan’s My Back Pages. Near the end of the song I reached behind me to grab my guitar to see if I could play along. While my back was turned I didn’t notice YouTube advance the selection to “What Makes This Song Great? THE POLICE – Every little thing she does is magic” by Rick Beato.

In the video, a white-haired guy who looked to be about my age dissected the Police song with such insight and deep musical knowledge that I was completely captivated. After watching more and more of his videos – and spending the better part of a day traveling down Beato’s YouTube rabbit hole – I sent Rick an email and asked if I could interview him for Is That All There Is‽

A Key ITATI Take-away – Rick’s Picks

“Don’t forget that the things you’ve done in the past can help create your present and your future.”

Rick Beato
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