Ian Wolfe

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Communications Sergeant, U.S. Special Forces, Middle East


Ian Wolfe

A friend of mine asked if I would speak at a conference. It was a group he was involved with called Your Grateful Nation. According to their website, the “organization assists special operations forces veterans with the successful transition from the military into their next career.”

Before I spoke I went around the room and asked each participant to tell the group who they were, what they had done in their military careers, and what they hoped to get from the evening we were going to spend together.

Each story I heard was more interesting, more dramatic, more heroic, than the one that came before. When I heard how Sergeant Ian Wolfe had changed his life – and continued to do so – I knew he had to share his story with you.

A Key ITATI Take-away – Ian’s Issues

“Being uncomfortable is the only way to push yourself harder and further.”

Ian Wolfe
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